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Togo is a tropical, sub-Saharan nation, whose economy depends highly on agriculture, with a climate that provides good growing seasons. While the official language is French, many other languages are spoken, particularly those of the Gbe family. The largest religious group consists of those with indigenous beliefs, and there are significant Christian and Muslim minorities. Togo is a member of the United Nations, African Union, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone, Francophonie, and Economic Community of West African States.

Best Places To Visit In Togo

Find Below The Most Popular Places In Togo To Explore.

1. Koutammakou

Koutammakou is an incredible landscape which is popular for being a UNESCO site that you can find in the northern Togo. It is also well-known as the Land of the Batammariba. You can find here rustic villages that have houses constructed like those in the olden days from mud and has thatched roofs and adobe walls. Get a glimpse of tribal folk and traditional life as well as stunning mountain-topped views of horizons, enchanting hills of greenery, and amazing bushlands.

2. Keran National Park

If you are a nature lover, then do not miss visiting Keran National Park when holidaying in Togo. This national park comprises one-third of all the national parks present in the country. Today, Keran National Park is an incredible sanctuary well-known for its mammals. You can find here African elephants, eye-catching Kob, Nile crocodiles, and olive baboon.

3. Aneho

Plan to visit Aneho, which is a well-known ancient city that was developed in 1600s. Aneho is known to be a crucial ancient city in Togo, and it was discovered by Guin people who arrived here from Glidji. It is an important historic place here.

4. Togo Mountains

Do not miss exploring Togo Mountains when vacationing in this West African country. This breath-taking mountain range running by the borders of Togo, Ghana, and Benin is a prominent tourist attraction here. Some of the hills of Togo mountain range are counted in the range of Niger and amazing national attraction which is popular as W National Park. You may spot some African wild dogs when exploring the Togo Mountains.

5. Vogan

Pay a visit to Vogan, which is a small, quaint town that you can find in the south of Togo and along the wonderful shore of West Africa. It is about 60 km away from the capital Lome. Every Friday, you can find here a street fair famous as the Friday Market and a gathering. Also, it is known to have the biggest voodoo market in the entire West African region.

6. Abdoulaye Faunal Reserve

Abdoulaye Faunal Reserve is one of the 21 faunal reserves that you can find in Africa. It is known to be developed in 1951 and covers 300 sq. km total area. Abdoulaye Faunal Reserve is a protected area by Togo and it is widely popular for being home to a plethora of incredible flora and fauna.

7. Lake Togo

Don’t miss visiting Lake Togo, one of the most popular attractions that you can find in Togo. Lake Togo is well-known for being the largest lagoon in Togo. It is a shallow lake so it is a destination for several enjoyable water activities and water sports. You can find Togoville and Agbodrafo villages present along the shore of this wonderful Togo Lake.


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