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Lesotho, a high-altitude, landlocked kingdom encircled by South Africa, is crisscrossed by a network of rivers and mountain ranges including the 3,482m-high peak of Thabana Ntlenyana. On the Thaba Bosiu plateau, near Lesotho’s capital, Maseru, are ruins dating from the 19th-century reign of King Moshoeshoe I. Thaba Bosiu overlooks iconic Mount Qiloane, an enduring symbol of the nation’s Basotho people.

Places To Visit In Lesotho

Places That You Must Visit In Lesotho:

1. Tse’hlanyane National Park

This is the biggest park in Lesotho and no other spot is about as far from everything as Ts’ehlanyane. Lesotho Northern Park ensures a 5600-hectare patch of rough wild, including one of Lesotho’s lone stands of indigenous timberland with various uncommon undergrowth plants that are exceptional to this forest territory.

2. Katse Dam And Botanical Garden

This is the centrepiece of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project which exchanges the water of the Lesotho Highlands by means of a mind-boggling course of dams and passages through the hills. This a very admirable place to visit and enjoy nature.

3. Sanni Pass And The Highest Divider

Amazingly prominent with local people and visitors alike, The Sanni Pass is a momentous zone for driving, climbing or mountain biking while getting a charge out of sprawling perspectives of the Drakensburg Mountains. This route is full of fun and adventure.

4.  Semonkong Falls

Semonkong in itself is a prominent fascination, as it is home to the Semonkong Falls, otherwise called the Maletsunyane Falls, the most astounding single drop in southern Africa and offers some staggering pristine landscape. This beautiful waterfall is effortlessly available from Semonkong by a five-kilometer stroll along the Maletsunyane River. The best place to take a stroll definitely.

5.  Thaba Bosiu

A national Monument, Thaba-Bosiu represents “Moshoeshoe the Great”. It is by a wide margin a standout amongst the most vital verifiable locales in Lesotho and conjures a feeling of personality for the glad country Basotho.

6.  Kome Cave Dwellings

The range used to be called as “Liboping” (the spot of stoves) as the huts are molded more like conventional Sotho furnaces, worked with rock and put with a blend of mud soil and bovine fertilizer. The site is presently a National Heritage Site.

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