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Heal Africa

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Heal The World. 

Greetings Africa!  I hope we all are holding tight, in such a difficult situation as this? we must not forget drastic situations calls for drastic measures. We must keep ourselves safe. The worries increase, as the world remains on Lockdown because of the horrible pandemic Coronavirus (Covid19). Citizens are beginning to talk about the shortage of food, medical kits, and security challenges. No one knows who is infected or who is next. We watch helplessly as the situation worsens, and spread rapidly, causing panic and fear of survival.

Questions are asked, but no answer to when this horrible nightmare will end. People are living in faith, building hope. It seems it’s all we need to keep humanity safe.


Although our world is threatened, we must fight to protect our land. Africa is affected. Let’s keep ourselves and loved ones safe. In a time like this; let’s not forget to love, assist and encourage the people around us. Let’s not forget those who are in grief. Few nice words will put a smile on their faces.

To protect yourself, wash your hands frequently, Maintain social distancing, Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, Practice respiratory hygiene. Stay informed and follow the advice from the healthcare provider.

God Bless Africa!

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    March 29, 2020

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