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Ethiopia is home to more than 100 million people—the second most-populous nation in Africa. It is also composed of wildly varying landscapes, and an incredible diversity of ethnic and religious groups. Getty Images photographer Carl Court reports that “Lonely Planet recently ranked Ethiopia among the top ten 2017 world tourist destinations,” and that it earned more than $870 million from tourism in the first quarter of 2017 alone. Gathered here are a handful of recent images from across Ethiopia, showing just some of its people and regions.

Top Places To Visit In Ethiopia

Here Are The Top Places To Visit In Ethiopia

1. Lake Chamo

It’s the famous crocodile market (a local joke), although the crocodiles aren’t for sale. Here you can see the crocodiles on the banks of the lake and move to and fro in the water. You can opt for boat trips and see these crocodiles really close and may be some hippos too.

2. Tigray’s Monasteries

Surrounded by the cliffs, there are various churches and monasteries which will give you a spiritual and fascinating view of the life of the people in Ethiopia. In fact, you can also team up for adventure here as some of the monasteries can be reached only by ladders and ropes.

3. Blue Nile At Lake Tana

A fascinating place out of all is the Lake Tana. You can see the fishermen glide over water with their traditional Papyrus boats. You can find priests and other ancient monasteries which are decorated with murals which signify instances from the bible. It’s just Bedazzling.

4. Addis Adaba’s Hidden Gems

At 2,440m of altitude, there are hidden treasures with multiple charms here. You can find an Ethnographic museum and National museum here, also signifying the orthodox beliefs of the people.

5. Alleys Of Harar

Once upon a time, this place was famous as a commercial hub for both Africa and Arabia. Whoever has visited this place has found the ambience which was once there and you can safely say it is enchanting. There is an unusual yet appealing ritual where hyenas are fed every evening in the outskirts.

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