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The Comoros is a volcanic archipelago off Africa’s east coast, in the warm Indian Ocean waters of the Mozambique Channel. The nation state’s largest island, Grande Comore (Ngazidja) is ringed by beaches and old lava from active Mt. Karthala volcano. Around the port and medina in the capital, Moroni, are carved doors and a white colonnaded mosque, the Ancienne Mosquée du Vendredi, recalling the islands’ Arab heritage.

5 Places To Visit In Comoros

1. Mount Karthala

What can be more intriguing than visiting the site of an active volcano, and one of the largest (7,746 ft) at that! It lies at the southern part of Ngazidja Island. Mt. Karthala, at Moroni the capital city of Comoros, houses the active volcano and hiking upto it to see the same, can be an enriching experience. The mountain here is also popular for some exquisite bird-watching.

2. Moheli

This place is a favourite when it comes to biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Moheli amongst all the islands is renowned for its diverse wildlife. One can spot turtles at the beaches here, amongst other endemic bird species. Parc Marin de Mohéli, is a protected area and is home to a variety of animals, reptiles alike. Itsamia, a village in Moheli, a sea turtle nesting site, attracts tourists over different parts of the world. At this forest one can get to see, the iconic largest fruit-bat in the world.

3. Lac Sale

On a first look at the site of Lac Sale, Grande Comoros, one might think it’s as good as a crater. It is. The place is often called a holy place. This site is popular for its natural, hot sulphuric springs.

4. Moroni

The capital city of Comoros, this city is the Swahili town of Comoros. The city houses all the important places, like the government buildings etc. the old Friday mosque, or the Badjanani Mosque is worthy of mention, since it attracts tourists from all over to this holy place of worship for its intricate stone architecture. The city is ancient and vintage, and reflects well of its past.

5. Mahore/Mayotte

This island is also called the island of the French, as its influence can be well noticed in the architecture. The unique selling point of this island are the white sandy clear beaches and scuba diving. Scuba diving can be a viable option at Mayotte, since all scuba divers can experience an array of aquatic wildlife underwater and bright coral reefs which make the diving experience memorable.

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