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Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, with 54 countries and over 1.3 billion people. Africa is known for its rich heritage, beautiful culture, history, and its exceptionally vast natural resources. Discover more here on Africa Culture Channel.

Djibouti- The God’s Land

For centuries, the outside world has undervalued and viewed everything in Djibouti negatively. “They all said we only had hot sun, dry winds, and a lot of rocks.” But what will you say about Djibouti?   Djibouti is a country situated on the northeast coast of the Horn of Africa. Its precise geographical location on […]


In the morning of the world when the finger of love swept aside the curtains of time, our dusky mother, Ethiopia held the stage. it was she who wooed civilization and gave birth to nations. Ethiopia, a country on the Horn of Africa, is one of the world’s oldest countries and the oldest in sub-Saharan […]


Kenya: The Eastern region of Africa, which is famously known as “The Pride Land” because of Its inspiration to Lion King. It’s a part of Eastern Africa, that is famous for its scenic landscapes, vast wildlife, history, and culture. it’s one of Africa’s biggest tourist destinations and attractions. Kenya shares a coastline with the Indian […]


Meet a cab driver’s son who was contracted to renovate Chicago Airport.   Nosa Ehimwenman is a 37-year old African whose family emigrated to the United States from Nigeria, when he was 6 years old, settling in Rogers Park, where his father drove a cab for 15 years to provide for his family. His parents […]

A Breath Of Hope

A Breath Of Hope. The world may be wrong, let us right it. The battle may be tough, let’s not run away from it. we will stand and defeat it. The road may be rough and dark, but we must find our path together. The future vast, let us embrace it. The time has come […]

Heal Africa

Heal The World.  Greetings Africa!  I hope we all are holding tight, in such a difficult situation as this? we must not forget drastic situations calls for drastic measures. We must keep ourselves safe. The worries increase, as the world remains on Lockdown because of the horrible pandemic Coronavirus (Covid19). Citizens are beginning to talk […]

Learn About Africa

Africa is now widely recognized as the birthplace of the Hominidae, the taxonomic family to which modern humans belong. Archaeological evidence indicates that the continent has been inhabited by humans and their forebears for some 4,000,000 years or more. Anatomically modern humans are believed to have appeared as early as 200,000 years ago in the […]

History – Who is Sidi Mubarak Bombay? 

Who is Sidi Mubarak Bombay?  You probably have not heard of him like you might have heard of David Livingstone, (The most popular British who explore Africa in the 19th century)   John Hanning Speke, ( A British explorer, he was first European to reach Lake Victoria) and Sir Richard Burton ( The British aristocrat and […]

Kora Instrument

Do you know  Kora is an Africa Instrument that has existed from the 16th century?  What is Kora A kora is a Mandinka harp built from a large calabash cut in half and covered with cow skin to make a resonator with a long hardwood neck. The skin is supported by two handles that run […]

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