Africa culture channel aims to change the world’s perception of Africa, telling the history, culture, and story of Africa’s current affairs. Our organization believes it’s our stories that make us unique and proud Africans.
Africa has not been properly presented to the world and has not been positioned to harness its potentials and its versed resources. Africa Culture Organization intent to educate the world on the past, present and future of Africa.

Our goals are to tell the stories of our forefathers, showcasing our history and culture to the world, and also to set a common ground for humanity.


In Africa, rich and diverse cultures exist from country to country while distinctive and peculiar cultures also survive within each state. 
The continent is home to a large number of ethnic and social groups each of whom have their own set of tribal customs and traditions.
The idea that the essential core of culture consists of traditional ideas, historically derived and selected, still has merit…but, in modern times, cultures are seen as ‘wholes’; integrated systems that reflect a way of life; a set of attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors shaped by a particular group of people at a particular time…and, most importantly, at the same time different for each individual.

There are universal cultural aspects of human behavior which are helpful in defining a particular group’s culture:

  • Language – oral and written story-telling
  • Social practices – kinship, gender and marriages
  • Principles – morals, law, customs, beliefs – (values)
  • Expressive forms – art, music, mythology, ritual and religion
  • Capabilities – learning, communication, functions
  • Habits – behavior, routines, practices
  • Technologies – cooking, shelter, clothing
Liuwa ritual, Lozi people, Zambia
Modern day Elmina, West coast, Ghana
Niger-Sahara medieval trade routes
Metal Ife sculpture, Head of an Oba, 16th C
Terracotta head with elaborate crown, Ife, 12th-15th C

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