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A Breath Of Hope

by in Africa

A Breath Of Hope.

The world may be wrong, let us right it. The battle may be tough, let’s not run away from it. we will stand and defeat it. The road may be rough and dark, but we must find our path together. The future vast, let us embrace it. The time has come for us to wake hope and faith from sleep, Oh, Africa. Victory is ours, we will take it.

As we journey through life, in this trying moment of the pandemic (COVID-19 outbreak). Let us encourage people by caring and showing love to those who have no one to love them. Let’s not forget we are in this fight to protect humanity together. We will achieve great results if we work as a unit. Let’s maintain social distancing, practice respiratory hygiene and seek medical care early. Protect yourself to keep your loved ones safe.

God Bless Africa!

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  • Jebilove
    April 10, 2020

    Well said. Let’s all come together and make it right by doing the right thing

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