African Culture: The Cultural Dance of the Igbo Tribe in Nigeria

African Musical Instrument in Display

Entertainment is an interesting part of every culture and Africans are not left out, in fact, the African Cultural dance is one of the unique things about the African people with their breathtaking dance steps that keeps you entertained leaving you speechless as you plunder on how these wonderful combinations were ever put together.

My Trip to Imo State, Nigeria, and the Okorobo Cultural Dance

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During my outing with some family members to Ikeduru in Imo State Nigeria, we were thoroughly entertained with some fabulous cultural dance steps from the Okorobo singers and dancers and believe me I stood speechless as I saw African musical instruments rollout wonderful rhythms as men and women of all age groups danced to the marvelous tunes produced by the Kaakaki, the wooden Gong (Ikoro or Oqua) and the Talking Drum (Igba as is called in Igbo language).

The Okorobo Cultural Dance

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In dancing the Okorobo cultural dance, the musical instruments (Kaakaki, the wooden Gong (Ikoro or Oqua) and the Talking Drum) takes the lead and depending on what the rhythm says, a song is raised with almost silent chants followed by marvelous dance steps. 

You may just be saying, why didn’t you make a video for us to also have a take in this fun?
Well I did cover the event and it will soon be available on my Youtube channel for your viewing pleasures and comments so just be patient with us for now, the video will go live soon.
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