African stories

The Two Friends
is a story between two friends who loved each other very much. Seat
down call your friend and Family, read and enjoy your self.
Once upon a time, the cat and the rat where very good friends, they loved each other and never kept any secret.
morning, the cat said to the rat, let’s go in search of food; the rat
replied what an excellent idea my friend! immediately they both went out
to see what they could find for food as the search went on the rat saw a
banana he quickly called his friend the cat to see what he has found;
when the cat came, they both looked for way to cut down the banana so
they decided to make hole around it. They both worked very hard day and
night till the banana fell down they carried the banana home and kept it
in care of the rat since his house was more spacious, they both agreed
to check it every morning together so as to know when it will rip and
both abide by the rules.
morning the rat was very hungry so he remembered the banana and decided
to check on it without the cat. When the cat got to the place where
they kept the banana, the banana is riped and ready to eat.
said I will call my friend so we can eat our fruit together but the rat
was too hungry to wait a second so he decided to have one banana first.
Quickly he picked up one after eating it, the banana was too sweet for
him to let go, so  he  went for the second one he couldn’t resist the taste so he went on and on till he finished the banana.
he knew it will be a big trouble with his friend so he decided to do
something but it was too late as there was nothing he could do, so he
covered the banana the same way it was and when his friend came to visit
him, he said my friend rat lets go and check the banana but the said is
not rip yet lets live it but the cat insisted, so the rat had no option
he allowed the cat lead the way, when they got to the place the cat
opened the banana and the banana has ripped he was happy but when he
opened the banana, it was  already eaten so he asked his friend what
happened, but his friend lied saying he know nothing about it but when
the cat looked round he saw the foot prints of the cat so he knew it was
the cat who had eaten the banana so he chased the rat but the rat ran
very fast. 
So the cat vowed never to forgive, and he will kill the rat anywhere he sees the rat.


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