Hunting is one of the major activity of man since his origin; in
man’s quest to find food and clothing man saw the need to hunt for
animals for food, clothing and even using the bone for weapons.
time past man began to gather some of this animals for domestication so
as to save him time and serve his other needs such as security, reduce labour etc.
Africa some communities, Families and villages are well known for their
hunting activities such that in some communities hunting is seen as
cultural practice while in some other communities people do hunting as
occupation, for fun etc.
In West Africa, Nigeria is one of such
places where people engage in hunting activity. A good example of people
who are known for their hunting  is the Yoruba in Nigeria here some of
the hunters go in group with their Dogs to hunt for animal. The Dog they
say helps the hunter find his way back home if he misses his way in the
forest. Just like in other works of life people communicate in
different ways, hunters are no different as the hunters use signs and
symbols to communicate why in the forest; some of this signs include the
use of local Flute, Plant branches etc this tells the other hunters
that one of them have gone through the direction.
Amongst the
Yoruba’s some families do to their level of involvement in hunting, they
take their names from it. An example is Adeyemi: which means The hunter
has come home, odeyemi: Hunting has Favored me etc.
Amongst the
Igbo community hunting have also left a very big mark in come families
as some family go with the name ogbu-Agu: Lion killer etc. So what ever
your reason of hunting is, hunting is fun.

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