African Food

Africa as we all know is rich in cultural and human resources and food forms one of the many cultures of the African people the way we eat and what we eat has a lot to say about us and can go as far as telling where we come from or where we have been and our level of exposure.
As Africans we have many kinds of food and various ways in which they are prepared. For this post i will be showing you one of the African dish recipes which was spotted in Rivers State Nigeria among the kalabari tribes of West Africa (Rivers State Nigeria) due as we got to know that this is not only used by the people of this tribe, but is also available in local markets in south-south Nigeria and can be used by any person.
What we are talking about is what is known as roasted periwinkle(roasted isam as it is called locally) The roasted periwinkle is said to add more taste to soup or what ever food you prepare with it.

Roasted periwinkle is prepared by  arranging  them using a stick as you can see in this picture and after which put on fire for some 10 – 15 minutes depending on the heat of the fire.

Watch this video to learn more

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