Walking Stick


When i was born i walked with four legs as
i grow older, i learn to walk with two legs but just as nature called and i
aged i needed a support so i walk with three legs.
My new support as an old man/woman is my
walking stick; as it helps me go places and do some things on my own when other
members of the family is not around to do it all.
Some years ago the walking stick was
considered to be a form of support for only the old or those who have some
problems with their legs. But today the walking stick have gone far beyond that
which it was known for as some people in the present day use it as fashion why
some use it as a symbol to show their title as seen in some part of Africa, the
walking stick is now part of cultural dressing for the chiefs and council
The Igbo’s in west Africa Nigeria, is one
of such communities were walking stick is commonly used.
The Igbo chiefs, use walking stick as a
staff of office. Some of those who use this as a staff of office include, Nde
iche (local chiefs) Nze (traditional rulers) and Ozor etc.
Yoruba’s use the walking stick as a costume
in cultural activities especially for musicians.
The Hausa’s use the walking stick to guild
their animals and also use it as a weapon against their enemies.
The walking stick is designed in many ways
which symbolizes different thing. For the chiefs, some can use the one eagle
head at the handle while others can also chose to use the one designed with
other high ranked birds or even animals base on the title or believe of the
individual using it. Some of the walking sticks are also made simple without
designs and such can be used by anyone old and young, weak or strong for the purpose
of fashion or support.
So whichever one you chose and your purpose
of buying a walking stick do make your choice wisely.   

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