Culture is a very essential part of human life and language is a greater part of this culture since there is no culture without language.
Language plays a very important role in marriages, Family, and the society at large; this helps to enhance peace and unity among people, thereby making them fill they are one.
Marriages soon fail once communication stops among couples, families suffer disunity when there is no good communication among members of the family as each one does what pleases him without regard to the other. The society which is made up of different Families cannot be an exception as lack of good communication among rulers and it’s subjects makes them fill they are not well represented.
The African continent may be faced with this great danger in future; since the language which forms the primary bases of communication is constantly ignored.
In most families today in Africa, the children who are the future of our continent cannot speak their native language fluently. This is because the parents most times fail to communicate with this young once with their mother tongue rather they prefer English Language which is a western language thereby promoting western language and culture rather than theirs.
In most schools today in West Africa using Nigeria as a case study; the students learn English language daily without any of the three major languages in Nigeria (Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo).
This has led to most students’ inability to fluently read and write any of these languages. Both parents, Teachers and Government soon forget that there is no culture without language just as there is no language without culture. This have further led to lost of cultural values and great declined in cultural practices and respect for culture as young ones do not understand the meaning of words used during cultural festivals which have contributed greatly to low interest of young people in their culture.
Arise O Africa and promote your rich cultural heritage.

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