Nigeria like other African countries is rich in culture and human resources    here are some of the cultural practices in Nigeria (Rivers State)


Traditional Wrestling
Traditional Westling is a major sporting event among the
people of west  Africa (Nigeria) inter
communal and inter ethnic wrestling competetion are often  held to consolidate the bond of friendship
and unity among the people in spite of their diversity in culture 
Koo Dance
Koo Dance is a maturation ceremony of Ogoni (khana l.g.a
Rivers state nigeria). Maidens are usually kept in fattening room for a period
during which they are lavishly feed and taken care of; their bodies adorned with
ground camwood accompanying particular hair style.

Iria ceremony
Iria ceremony this is a great celebration particularly among
the Ijaw people of Bayesa (Nigeria).
Like the koo dance of the ogoni people, the celebration
marks the coming  of age of maidens into
woman hood.

Periangala Masquerade

Periangala Masquerade  of Okirika; has its  roots in Ogbogbo community of Okirika
L.G.A(Rivers state Nigeria) the inspiration for the masquerade display came
from young people watching a thrilling display of monkeys in the mangrove. This
trimendious masquerade have won many awords.

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