Africans always  have a great way of keeping family  members together and one of this ways is stories at night.
This is one of the age long cultural practice that have helped families come together and have gone a long way to promote peace and unity among people of different families.
Story telling is usually done at night with the moon serving as a source of light to the children and every other person who is seated to enjoy this great moment of tells my moon light. So here on theafricaculture we will constantly post some of this great age long stories that have giving us joy to make us happy and always smiling. 

The story you are about to
read will teach you a lesson so invite friends to read with you.
Once upon a time in the
land of the animals all the animals decided to have a meeting to discuss some
important issues. They sent massage to every animal to inform them of the
meeting and the date they all agreed to attend this important meeting.

When the appointed date came
the cock said to himself this meeting is a waste of time so he refused to
attend and told the other birds that he will not come but he will accept any decision
made in the meeting; so the birds went to the place of the meeting every other
animals was present accept the cock so they asked his follow birds where is
cock? But they said the Cock is not coming but he will accept anything we
decided in this meeting, haven had what the cock said they agreed that the fowl
henceforth will be used for sacrifice and for meat in any celebration or
 When the meeting ended the birds returned home
and announced what they had discussed in the meeting to the cock he cried out
in a loud voice in regret for his mistake but this decision   was in
revisable so the fowls did nothing more than accept his faith.
Since then till date the
fowl have continued to serve as meat both to man and some animals and an item
for sacrifice to the gods.

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